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At the right moment, with the right people.

TEMPUS.MOTU GROUP experts help decision-makers and leaders to make the best choices to secure a better tomorrow.


"The phrase survival of the fittest'' does not necessarily mean being the fastest or the strongest, but rather being fit, agile, and adjusted to your specific environment and time. This is as true for the individual as it is for business, government, city, and society. Our wide strategic talent pool of experts can help you to build a future-proof organization. Our subscription models are designed to provide you with access to an advisory team of top industry professionals that will provide you with unique international expertise for your management and board meetings.



Our executive and senior expert advisory team is highly flexible and prepared to help you move forward with the knowledge and experience you need. Their advice and vantage points are designed to help create the strategic direction, organizational robustness, and drive impact while providing the most positive Benefit-to-Cost Ratio.

Executive coaching | Corporate Strategy | Innovation Frameworks & Delivery | Crisis management & Risk mitigation | Communication Strategy | Social & Geopolitical Strategy  | Sustainability & Resilience | Jolting Technologies & Future Trends | Keynotes & Masterclasses


Engagement model

Our engagement model is simple, flexible, and tailored to your current and expected future needs, potential, strategy, and vision.

When approaching an initial client interaction, we always take into consideration your current structure, strategy, and offer. When we understand your requirements and expectations, we then recommend one of three packages, which can be further tailored to meet your exacting needs.


Advisory Services

Our ad-hoc Advisory Services are designed to provide you with actionable insights, clear direction, and concrete work packages. This will help you identify the path you should take to bring about the change you seek in your business in the short to medium term.

We help you to create context and provide hands-on solutions that identify the most relevant questions and direction for your organization. We also provide executive coaching, masterclasses, and keynotes, as well as peppering and running management meetings, executive dinners, and discussions that take your strategy years into the future.

G.E.S Radar

Crisis Response Team

Our Geopolitical, Environmental & Social Crisis Management Service is designed to help policy and decisions makers meet the unexpected challenges that continue to emerge in our world.

G.E.S is designed as a rapid intervention service that can help to provide the expertise and insights required to redirect policy and help to establish a timely response to crises as and when they occur. This secures a smooth operation and ensure a resilient, self-sustaining model for your organization.


Advisory as a Service

Our premium advisory service is a yearly retainer package that is designed to support industries and service sectors that require ongoing access to strategic management expertise to secure a future-proof management structure.

Furthermore, our comprehensive approach includes monthly executive coaching sessions and meetings that identify gaps in expertise and knowledge, ongoing open or closed unbiased feedback, progress reporting, and more.


We are motivated by a deep respect for entrepreneurial creativity and the invention process. Everything we do is designed to uncover new growth opportunities and unleash untapped potential without compromising on our core moral values - Simplicity, Usefulness, Impact.

There are more pieces we need to address in the grand ecosystem puzzle from which enterprises are made of and operate in. We need to look at an enterprise as a whole, made of critical integral parts, that all contribute to value, thriving to be seamlessly orchestrated. It’s about focusing on immediate problems next to future ones, taking care of your enterprise's healthy progress and natural lifespan.

This is what we offer. To be precise. To be valuable. TMG is what the new era demands from a strategic agency. We ensure that enterprises continue to succeed.

We are a group of specialists and high-calibre individuals who take pride in being able to design and define a future that will impact society and drive new trends. We help clients imagine the long game while securing that the right strategic and technological building blocks are in place to drive sustainable growth, capture strategic IPs and secure an earlier return on investments.

Today, the world is a high-velocity flow of radical transitions, constant transformations, revolutions, rapid evolution cycles. We live in a fascinating era of abundant, unprecedented opportunities. Change and adaptation are actually the only valid parameters. These seismic shifts are changing the way we prepare, confront, and respond to every step and planning phase in order to secure our prosperous evolution.

In this unprecedented era of drastic change, volatility, and abundance, how can we ensure the maximum lifespan of the enterprises we manage and keep them valuable, sustainable, adaptive, and prosperous?

Such challenges demand multi-perspective oversight from an ecosystem view, where artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions may fail to deliver. It is about ingenuity, innovation, hands-on experience, and understanding current and future value sources and impact areas. It is also about enterprise and brand structure potentials, hidden gems, leverage points, and more.



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