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    Think. do. re:think*

Strategic think-do-rethink tank, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

*How we work together for a better tomorrow

    TEMPUS.MOTU GROUP (TMG) is an innovative platform designed to take ideas, business models, products and services to the next level.

    Made up of a group of specialist and high-caliber individuals, TMG aim is to provide support, strategic direction, advice and investment opportunities for companies that wish to make a real and meaningful impact and grow at the same time.

    We take pride in being able to design and define a future that will impact society and drive new trends. We help clients imagine the long game while securing the right strategic and technology building blocks are in place to drive sustainable growth, capture strategic IPs and secure an earlier return on investments.

Selected Clients

Tera Data
The World Bank
Government of Kazakhstan
Business Sweden


Strategic planning
Due diligence
Concept and ideation
Innovation frameworks
Service Development
Product Development
Business transformation
Keynotes & workshops
Start-up support

R&D as a service

Electronics design
Embedded development

92 Hristo Botev blvd.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

+359 89 6576454

    Our approach accelerates the development of native growth technologies, promotes technology and innovation transfer, establishes governance structures and drives your business forward while ensuring sustainable growth, capturing intellectual property, and optimising your investments.

Vision & Strategy

We work with clients to better understand their current paradigm and challenges. We then use our network to explore and map potential futures and trajectories, define the vision and design multiple strategies.

Collaboration & Development

We design sets of internal and external experimentations and identify collaboration efforts needed to realize the vision. We help develop product, services, partnerships and business models that drive new revenues, maximizing profit and creating new IPs.

Transformation & Growth

We work together with key stakeholders and executives in the organization to secure successful innovation and technology transfer. We secure the flow of communication and knowledge creation.

    "Survival of the fittest'' does not necessarily mean being the fastest or the strongest, but rather being fit, agile and adjusted to your specific environment and time.

    This is as true for the individuals as it is for business, governments, cities, and societies. We are driven by a deep respect for enterpreneurial creativity and the invention process. Everything we do is designed to unleash untapped potential and uncover new growth opportunities, and we do so without compromising on our core moral values - Simplicity, Usefulness, Impact.

    Regardless of whether you are in the manufacturing or health business, an OEM in the auto world, a research and development organisation, a financial institute, or a sales-point for the products of other companies, it is vital to understand the undercurrents of today’s market and what drives it, and in the process, identify and design your strategic response accordingly.

    We work together with you, placing our senior advisers in key roles where they can help you to develop new product and services, steer and manage growth, respond to crises or other challenges, construct a fully functional organization and build knowledge to secure intellect and technology transfer.

    Our engagement model is simple, you can choose from two packages. Both packages will provide you with the direction you need to drive your business forward with a clear focus on growth.

    If you require workable solutions in the short-term and want to get your organisation up to speed and find changes that can and should be implemented, we recommend our Fast Track package.


    If, on the other hand, you see your organisation’s transformation taking place over an extended period due to a more complex and interwoven structure and business model, then we recommend our Strategic Journey package.

Fast Track

Our FAST TRACK package is designed for companies that require immediate intervention to review current strategies/products/services and to actively work with you in the following areas:

  • Product & Service Creation: Is it time to find a new product or service your customers will love and pay for? The ideal way to find a service or business model is a service design sprint.
  • Strategy and Business Review: This strategic intervention is for companies looking to review their existing strategy and/or tech stack and carry out a high level inventory.
  • Product/Service Improvement Sprint: The Product/Service Improvement Sprint helps you rapidly solve the most important issues with your existing business, products  and services. We can help you to use available technology and business approaches to refine your existing product or service offers.
  • RDTP: Rapid Deep Tech Prototyping: This provides a blue sky approach to product and service offer development. Our sandbox environment is designed to identify frictions and design experiments to examine the impact of potential solutions, while using the learning to define future policies.

Strategic Journey

We have found that many organisations become fixed in their way of thinking, choosing to repeat the same patterns, regardless of outcome. It's not an easy task to find the right people to develop and take new ideas to market. Innovation is a sensitive and delicate process that requires out-of-the-box creativity and curiosity.

This package is designed for a longer term intervention of one-month or more, depending upon your requirements. We typically offer this package where more complex, large-scale interventions are desired to make a genuinely dramatic impact on your market.

This package provides you with a full-time dedicated combined TMG (advisory/R&D) team. They will examine your business in detail and seek those opportunities that can create new opportunities for your business to grow, while not disturbing your core earning model. Our team will also ideate and create new opportunities that will help you redefine your business, if so desired.

By combining strategic thinking, hardware, software and a variety of partnerships and frictions, we produce results that will have a large-scale and lasting impact. Let us help you to prepare for the future success of your business.

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92 Hristo Botev blvd.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

+359 89 6576454


Co-Founder / SVP Global operations

Paulina (Polly) Chotrova

+359 89 995 5971

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Founder / CEO

Aric Dromi


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